Sending Directions to the People with Cars

Making sure everybody gets there on time is a challenge. There are 2 key points to let your guests know about: Directions and Parking.

Wedding Guest Transportation

As your wedding day approaches, your guests will begin to contact you with a variety of questions ranging from accommodation to food. This can become a burden when combined with all the other tasks on your to-do list. To avoid these questions, your goal is to try to answer them before they’re asked.

One such question is the issue of transport to the venue. We have already written a hack on arranging coaches, but what about guests who are travelling by car? Many guests will choose this option to give them more flexibility. It is also likely that your guests may team-up and carpool together. It is therefore important that these guests have clear instructions on how to get to the venue to make sure everybody gets there on time. There are 2 key points to let your guests know about: Directions and Parking.


Depending on the location of your venue, this could be pretty simple or very complicated. A city-centre venue shouldn’t be too difficult to provide directions for, although 1-way systems and road works could pose a problem. Do a quick check in the weeks before the wedding to make sure there are no major road/building works planned in the area which could affect transport arrangements. If your venue has a website, it is likely it may have a “getting here” page. In that case, all you need to do is send the link to everybody on your guest list who is not marked as requiring coach transport.

If, on the other hand, you are getting married in an isolated rural venue, directions are even more necessary but probably won’t be restricted by road works(although it’s still worth checking). Ask your venue if they can provide directions. Hopefully, they will already have a document prepared that provides directions which you can email directly out to your guests who are not marked as “requiring transport” on your guest transport spreadsheet. It would also be worth emailing these instructions to your transport company(if you are providing a coach) if the directions are tricky.


If you’re getting married in a city-centre venue, parking could pose a problem. Contact the venue to find out what their suggestions are and email this information over to all guests who are travelling by car. A rural venue will not have the same parking issues as a city-centre venue although you should still check what their arrangements are. If the only parking available is a muddy field and your guests show up in a sports car…….there may be a problem.

Basically, any information you can acquire from your venue in relation to directions and parking should be emailed over to your guest list. No need to do this months in advance as your guests may misplace the email. Try completing this hack in the month before the wedding.