Wedding Dress Shoes - Finding the Perfect Match

Ah the shoes! The delight and disgruntlement of many brides. With thousands of pairs to choose from, it seems almost impossible to find the perfect shoe

Wedding Dress Shoes

Ah the shoes! The delight and disgruntlement of many brides. With thousands of pairs to choose from, it seems almost impossible to find the perfect shoe that:

  • Matches your dress
  • Compliments your height
  • Is comfortable for an entire day
  • Allows a slow dance

Here is our guide to finding the perfect shoes to match your dress, your theme and your personality

1. Comfort is key

First things first. Before you go wild looking at sky-high heels, remember that you will be wearing them for a looooong time on your wedding day. You don’t want to spend your day thinking about your feet as they start to get sore so make sure you pick something that is comfortable enough to wear all day long. Think about it, you pretty much don’t get to sit down until you are having your meal. Comfy is key.

2. Can you walk in them?

High heels coupled with a long dress are not an easy catwalk combination. During your dress fitting, take your (potential) shoes and make sure you can walk easily while you have your dress on.

3. The shoes that give you the “feeling”

As important as comfort and strut logistics are…….the shoes must must MUST give you the “feeling”. You know what I’m talking about….it’s that feeling of elegance, grace and sheer #BrideBoss confidence.

If they don’t give you the “feeling”, just put them in the bin…..go, bin them now. No, don’t even try to sell them or keep them for another occasion. Bin them and keep looking. You deserve the “feeling”.

If you are struggling for inspiration, check out BHLDN who offer some unique styles.

4. Match the theme

Hopefully your dress compliments the theme. Matching your shoes to the dress should therefore, by default, also make them match the theme. You will still need to consider their appropriateness to the events in your wedding day however. Will you be spending a lot of time on grass? Heels could pose a problem here. Think style and surface.

5. What came first? The dress or the shoes?

You need to choose a dress before you can choose the shoes but you need to wear the shoes to the dress fitting in order to get the length of the dress measured(unless you’re wearing flats). So how do you manage this? Use your first visit to dress shops to find a dress you love. Once your settled on the dress, go hard on the shoe hunt. When you find a pair you are happy with, purchase them as soon as you can to make sure you have them for the first dress fitting.

6. Match your whites

White is not white. If both your dress and shoes are white, you will need to try to match the shade as closely as you can. There are many shades of white. They make look dazzlingly white on the shelf, but if your dress is a brilliant white, a slightly off-white pair of shoes will suddenly look dull by comparison.

7. Dancing shoes?

Are these the shoes you’re going to be dancing in? This is worth considering early as a high pair of shoes will suddenly render you un-danceable for anything more than a static-sway on your wedding night. Many brides choose to swap into a pair of flats for dancing which is a good idea if you’re planning on owning the dance floor. Just remember, that’s another pair of shoes you’ve got to find(don’t worry, flats are normally easier).

Finding the perfect match is no easy task but these tips should help you filter out the unsuitable from the show-stoppers. Remember to save yourself some blisters on your wedding day by starting to wear the shoes in a few weeks before the wedding.