Wedding Cars - Choosing the Perfect Car

Choosing your wedding cars may not be high on your list of priorities but can and a lot of style, luxury or quirk that both you and your guests can enjoy.

Wedding cars

Choosing your wedding cars may or may not be high on your list of priorities. It’s one of the areas of your wedding planning that could get side-lined due to the relatively minor part it plays in your wedding day. Primarily, the car is a means of transport so you might not be getting too excited about it. But don’t overlook this. Your transport can add a lot of style, luxury or quirk(depending on your choice) that both you and your guests can enjoy.

What kind of car should I go for?

Here are some ideas that other couples go for(listed from most sensible to totally crazy):

  • Executive luxury car – this is the most popular option(Mercedes, Audi etc). Large, comfortable, looks good, easy to get in and out of, unlikely to breakdown(a solid choice)
  • Classic vintage car – A little more adventurous with a vintage style. Depending on your theme, this could be make your day a little more unique
  • Funky transport – VW Campervan, Back of a Vespa – If you’re going hard with a 60s/70s theme, these are for you.
  • Horse-drawn carriage – The princess approach
  • Stretched Hummer – Loud and Brash
  • Helicopter – One of the most expensive options and is dependent on your venue having a Helipad. Unlikely to go unnoticed
  • Atop an Elephant – Very slow. Least safe and least practical. Dependant on your venue being Elephant-friendly(don’t worry….most venues are)

Just to make clear that we are aware that an Elephant is not a type of car

What is more important to you? Comfort or uniqueness? Get the balance right and try to make a choice which suits your theme.

How many cars will you need?

Usually 1-3 cars is all that is needed. You need at least 1 for the bride and groom after the ceremony. In this case, the rest of the bridal party can either use taxis or the guest bus(if you are providing one).

The traditional setup for “who gets in each car” prior to the ceremony would be:

  • Car 1: Groom and best man
  • Car 2: Mother of the Bride and the Bridesmaids
  • Car 3: Bride and her father

This is also the order that the cars should traditionally arrive at the ceremony venue.

Tips for booking:

  • Check how many seats the cars have. This may not be such a problem with a modern executive car but if you opt for a classic sports car, there may only be 2 seats in the back and you may leave yourself a seat or two short. Do a mental head count before booking and clarify this with the transport company.
  • If you are booking 3 cars from the same company, ask if they offer a bulk booking discount? Many companies do.
  • Clarify times for picking up and arriving at venues. Add the times to your wedding day spreadsheet immediately so you don’t forget.