How to Easily Find Wedding Accommodation for Guests

Now that you have booked your own wedding night accommodation, it's time to help your guests to do the same. Let's face it! You've got enough on your plate

Wedding Accommodation for Guests

Now that you have booked your own wedding night accommodation, it’s time to help your guests to do the same.

Let’s face it! You’ve got enough on your plate without having to research accommodation for all your guests.

It’s not your responsibility to actually book the accommodation, but it is extremely helpful if you can at least look into the various accommodation options near your venue and send them some details. This hack will help you do this in the most efficient time-saving way possible.

Ask venue

Firstly, does your venue have any accommodation available? If you are getting married in a hotel for example, then it is highly likely that it will. A castle on the other hand may not, or may require that you book the entire place!

Your venue should also have a list of accommodation available nearby which they can send over to you.

My venue has no information on accommodation

Unlucky for you, the hard work is now in your hands. You will need to do some searching to find all available accommodation near your venue and create a spreadsheet to store all the information. Lucky for you, we have created a template especially for this.

Create email list

If you haven’t already, create an email list with all your guests(do this as early as you can as this email list is going to be useful throughout the entire planning process). Send an email to the entire list with the “accommodation information” spreadsheet attached.

If your venue offers accommodation, let your guests know which rooms are still available and that these will be booked out on a first-come-first-serve basis.

If your venue requires that you book the entire place, they may give you a bulk-price for all the rooms. In this case, you will need to work out the estimated pricing for each room and then email this information over to your guests and see who is interested. If there are only a small number of rooms, you may wish to offer them to your immediate family first.

If gathering emails is proving difficult, creating a Facebook messenger group with all your guests can sometimes be an easier option. The beauty of a messenger conversation is that your guests can liaise with one another to arrange joint accommodation and transport etc. Just beware that if you have a lot of guests in the conversation, they may begin to get irritated with 30+ notifications every day and will begin removing themselves from the conversation.

Our wedding planning spreadsheet has a sheet especially for adding accommodation info which you may find useful.

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