How to Throw an Engagement Party - 6 Steps

You've just got engaged. If a party is on the cards for you, we’re going to outline the 6 steps on how to throw an engagement party properly.

How to throw an engagement party

Are you planning to throw an engagement party? Some couples opt out and just celebrate quietly with their friends and family, while others go big and celebrate in style. If a party is on the cards for you, we’re going to outline the 6 steps on how to throw an engagement party properly. Most of this will be fairly self-explanatory so we’ll keep it fairly snappy. Planning the engagement party could even be used as a little practice for the wedding day itself(unless somebody else is organising the party).

So, let’s get started

1. Choose who is doing the planning

Decide whether you are going to host the party yourself or if you are going to usher in some help from bridesmaids and your wedding party. If it’s going to be a small party, you could probably do it yourself without adding too much stress(although if you have a particularly keen bridesmaid, feel free to give them the task…..if you think they’re up to it). If it’s going to be a larger party however, try to get some help. Your helpers don’t have to organise the entire party, but they could possibly lend a hand. Try delegating tasks to make things go smoother. E.g. 1 person could confirm attendance, another could book the restaurant and arrange table decoration etc. If you can, try to give people the tasks their good at.

2. Choose the date

The choice of date is completely up to you. Give yourselves enough time to enjoy being engaged without jumping into planning and parties galore. But also don’t wait too long, it is an  “engagement” party after all.

3. Choose the theme

If you’ve been looking at wedding themes, you may feel like you have them coming out your ears. But don’t worry, this one is easy. Just go for the same theme you are planning to have at your wedding. If you don’t have a theme yet, go with something that makes you feel comfortable e.g. if you are a laid-back type of couple, maybe have afternoon tea at home. If you are more outgoing, you may prefer a formal meal at a restaurant

4. Choose the guests

Would you like a large or small party? The choice is yours. The tradition states that if you invite them to your engagement party, you should also invite them to your wedding. But these days, that’s not so important as our network of friends and family are so widely spread it is not always logistically possible.

5. Arrange invites

The invites don’t need to be as formal as your wedding. It could even just be an email or a phonecall(although it’s good to put it in writing). If you are planning something special, then a paper invitation can be a lovely touch although you may think that is too time consuming and you may not want to blow additional wedding budget on it. A good option is an e-vite. Try to send these out at least 1 month in advance.

6. Choose the food

If you’re not using a restaurant for the party, you will probably need to provide food yourself or hire a caterer. The food can be fairly simple. Small nibbles or canapés are perfectly fine. It’s probably a good idea to put this on the invitation though, so your guests don’t come with empty stomachs, expecting a slap-up meal. Say something like “join us for champagne and strawberries” rather than “you will be provided with a small bowl of fruit”

And that’s about it. If you want to add your own decoration, you can, but don’t over think it. Your engagement party is primarily an opportunity to celebrate and relax with loved ones before you dive head-first into wedding planning(you may not get many chances to relax after this). So make the most of it and just enjoy yourself.

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