Start a Mailing List to Help You Plan Your Wedding

Build a wedding mailing list! This small task is a major time saver! But don’t spend too much time on this as it defeats the “time-saving” purpose.

Wedding Mailing List

When you start to plan your wedding, it can be tempting to jump straight into the “exciting stuff” like booking vendors and ignore some of the more boring tasks. One task that you will hear very little about in wedding magazines is creating an email list for all your guests.

This small task is a major time saver! Once you have finalised your guest list, create a mailing list in an email client such as Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail and add all your guests who have email addresses. If you don’t have an email address for a specific guest, message them to ask if they could provide one. Don’t spend too much time on this as it defeats the “time-saving” purpose.

Once you have your email list fully built, you can use this along the way for many aspects of your wedding planning. Here are some uses of your email list.

  • To find out any dietary requirements
  • To find out how many children will be attending
  • To find out who requires transport and who will be driving
  • To find out who requires accommodation
  • To confirm any details or changes to arrangements

These are just a few of the circumstances in which your email list is immensely useful. Without an email list, you would need to contact your guests individually to find out all of this information so this is a big time-saver. On top of this, if there are any major problems on the wedding day(such as the transport company cancelling!) you can quickly advise all guests in a few minutes. Very handy!

Build your email list as soon as you can and save the time later. The other alternative to an email list is to create a Facebook Messenger Conversation which can be quicker to setup but may be more intrusive.