How to Plan an Urban Wedding

Urban weddings are the rising trend amongst millennials. The beautiful clash of industrial spaces with timeless elegance is a stunning combination

Urban Wedding

Urban weddings are the rising trend amongst millennials. The beautiful clash of industrial spaces with timeless elegance is a stunning combination which is a delight for (most) guests…………(there will always be a few). You may be wondering how to achieve that industrial feel, but don’t fret as we’ve got you covered! Here are our top tips for planning your urban wedding.

It’s all about the venue

 The key to any urban wedding is….the venue. There are 2 main approaches to choosing the venue. These are:

  • Start with an industrial venue and dress it up
  • Start with a standard venue and dress it down

If you go with the first option, you aren’t necessarily looking for “wedding” venues in your venue search (which can make things a little harder). Instead, search for unused warehouses or factories and contact the owner to see if they would consider hiring out the venue for a wedding. The great thing about this approach is that you will probably be able to hire the venue for a fraction of the price of a normal wedding venue. It’s worth keeping in mind that you will need to check that the venue is safe for use and arrange your own insurance. Once you have hired a venue like this, it is then very easy to decorate. The venue itself adds all the “urban-iness” so all you need to do is fill it with tables, chairs and décor. Try to use a mixture of urban items with classic items so that it’s not too industrial.

If you decide to go for the 2nd option, finding your venue is a little easier as you can just use a wedding directory to source your venue. If the venue is not explicitly urban, you will need to dress it down with some urban elements. Which leads us onto…….


Concrete, Brick, Wood and Metal. These 4 materials are intrinsic to the Urban wedding. For the most part, concrete and brick can only be incorporated into your wedding through a venue which uses these materials (unless you intend on transporting concrete blocks to the venue!). Wood and metal however can both be easily incorporated via your tables, chairs and decorations. Old wooden tables are a popular option as they can be transported fairly easily and add a lovely distressed look. Copper piping can be used for a whole manner of decorations which can be made at home for very little cost.

Other household items such as jars and glass bottles are another easy way to add an urban vibe very cheaply.


Think outside the box with the seating and look at alternative options such as wooden stools or benches which inject an instant touch of “urban” to any room. If you have any guests who would not be comfortable on a bench, consider having a few comfortable chairs for these guests and make sure to build this into your seating plan.


Up-cycling has the double-effect of creating amazing urban objects and saving money. If you have the time and inclination, you could try visiting a thrift-fair and pick up some items which could either be used as-they-are or transformed through your creative skills. You may even be able to pick up an old leather sofa for £100 which could be used for a chill-out area.

Distressed juxtaposition

It’s important not to go too urban with your décor as you may cross the line between quirky and uncomfortable. Try to contrast your urban elements with a delicate classic element. For example, you could try adding a white table runner to your wooden tables so that you can see both. Flowers are also a natural way to add elegance with contrasting backgrounds.


The lighting is a very important factor in setting the mood and there are many options to choose from within the urban theme. The most popular are:

  • Festoon lighting(bistro lights)
  • Fairy lights
  • Hanging bulbs(those trendy ones with the soft glow)

Any of the above choices will add an instant warmth to your evening proceedings and create a relaxed atmosphere for all your guests.

Urban Wedding Invitations

If you are printing your invitations, you may want to consider printing it on textured paper to make it look as if it has been sent directly from an old printing press.

Alternatively, just keep it digital and send your invitations via social media.

Urban Wedding Outfits

An urban wedding welcomes a little bit of casual-wear for both bride and groom. Think outside the box and dress in a way you are comfortable with. Again, it’s a matter of juxtaposition, so don’t go overboard in either direction. A popular choice for urban brides is to wear a shorter (knee-length) dress. While grooms can mis-match trousers and jacket with a pair of well-polished brogues. Keep the relaxed feel throughout the day. Consider changing your shoes to converse all-stars (or a shoe of your choice) for the dancing. It’s not only more comfortable, it will look uber-quirky.

If you are planning an urban wedding, the above tips will guide you on your way to get started. If you come up with some urban wedding tips of your own, we would love to hear about them.