How To Celebrate Your Original Date If You've Had To Postpone Your Wedding


All over the world, couples have been forced to postpone their special day, because of COVID-19. We understand how difficult it is to re-imagine your wedding on a new date and wait even longer to marry your person.

When your original date does come around, you’ll feel all kinds of emotions, and that’s completely normal.

Having an ‘un-wedding day’ turns what could be a sad day, into one filled with laughter, love, and bubbly. Yes, it won’t be the day you were expecting, but there are still some amazing ways to celebrate your date when it does arrive.

Here are our top 10  ways to celebrate your original day:

1. Host a Minimony:

Lockdown regulations have been relaxed, so why not have a mini version of your big day? This could be with your (socially distanced) loved ones, or just the two of you. The beauty of a minimony is it can be whatever suits you as a couple. Whether it’s putting on your wedding outfits, cutting a cake, and having speeches or saying parody vows and pronouncing yourself ‘almost-married’. Some photographers are even willing to stage socially distanced photoshoots. Just think of it as your wedding-day warm-up!

couple small wedding

2. Organise a wedding-day drive by:

Drive-bys have become an increasingly popular way to celebrate in lockdown, and having a drive-by wedding reception is a great way to mark your day. Send out some invites, stand on your front porch in your best, and wave to all of your biggest fans! You could even deck out your car out with an ‘almost married’ banner and go for a little drive afterwards to carry on the fun.

3. Collect memories from your guests:

With the Bridebook address collector, your guests can send you their favourite memory of you as a couple. All you have to do is send them your link via text, WhatsApp, or Facebook and your guests will do the rest! Pop open some bubbly, set up a romantic dinner, and read through all of the wonderful memories you’ve been sent. Yes, you’ll probably cry as well as laugh, but it will be a night to remember.

candlelit dinner

4. Cook your wedding meal:

You’ve been looking forward to your wedding menu for months, but you never thought you’d be the one cooking it! Make some fancy menus and set your guests the challenge of cooking your wedding meal. Bonus points if it’s something really difficult and pastry covered… You’ll get some serious laughs at the mess your wedding squads have come up with. Create a signature wedding cocktail too, so you can drink together in style.

couple cooking and dancing

5. Host a Zoom happy-hour:

A wedding is not just about the ceremony, but the people who love and support you the most. If you already know your seating plan, you could even send out Zoom links for each table, for more intimate conversations (plus everyone will know each other even better for the real day!). If you’re having a DJ or a band, see if you can get them involved for a performance or an impromptu dance party – you might not be having a party IRL, but there’s no reason to celebrate in isolation!

6. Make a scrapbook:

There’s nothing better than a trip down memory lane, especially when you’re doing it with the love of your life. Revisit your favorite moments as a couple, from those cringy first pictures to your engagement shots. If you’ve saved concert tickets, boarding passes, or anything else special, add them into your book, ready to re-read on your new wedding day.

couple with scrapbook

7. Have a DIY spa day: 

If you want to mark your day but avoid doing something wedding-related, why not set up a zen zone in your own home? Put on some fluffy robes, make some fresh juice (a mimosa counts, right?), and give each other relaxing massages. If you want to be really fancy, treat yourselves and use some champagne flutes or china from your registry.

8. Have your first dance (and your second, and third):

There’s nothing like hitting the (at-home) dancefloor with your number one person! Have your first dance away from prying eyes, and enjoy the moment just the two of you. Make your way through your wedding playlist and dance the night away! By the time your new date comes, you’ll be absolute pros.

couple dancing

9. Let them eat cake:

You’ve been waiting for that vanilla buttercream, chocolate swirl cake for months, so let yourself have it! Order a cake to be delivered in the same flavor of your real wedding cake, and devour it. If you fancy yourself the next Mary Berry, try and recreate this beautiful homemade wedding cake. Bon appétit!

wedding cake

10. Write your wedding letters:

Bring a piece of your original wedding date into your new one, by writing letters to read the morning of your real wedding. These letters will be a beautiful keepsake and will remind you how you were feeling on your original date, and how excited you were for your wedding day, like your own personal time capsule.

Above all, try and enjoy your day! You’ve found each other, and nothing can take that away from you. You’ll have to wait a little bit longer to say your I-dos, but trust us, it will be worth the wait.