What Equipment do You Need to Hire When Planning a Wedding?

Of all the services you need to hire for your wedding day, "wedding equipment hire" is probably the least glamorous and least spoken about.

Wedding Equipment Hire

There are many different people and services that you need to hire when planning a wedding. “Wedding equipment hire” is probably the least glamorous and least spoken about. But it doesn’t need to be. Wedding equipment is one of the few areas that will really make a big difference to your theme and the “feel” you are trying to create. Unfortunately, the lack of publicity for wedding equipment hire leaves many people bewildered as to what it actually means. Is it just light and sound?? In this hack, we outline all the equipment that you (probably) need at your wedding.

Before you begin, check what equipment your venue already provide. You can use the list below to check with them.


  • Dining tables
  • Bar/serving tables
  • Cake table


  • Ceremony chairs
  • Dinner chairs
  • Lounge chairs
  • Chair covers

On the Tables

  • Cutlery
  • Place settings
  • Serving pieces


  • Water glasses
  • Champagne flutes
  • Red wine glasses
  • White wine glasses
  • Bar glasses


  • Table linens
  • Napkins


  • Lighting canopy
  • Uplighters

Sound systems

  • PA system and microphones for ceremony
  • PA system and microphones for speeches
  • Sound system for band or DJ

That takes care of all the big stuff, let’s take a look at the small stuff.