4 Steps to Choosing Wedding Rings for You and Your Fiancé

Choosing wedding rings is both one of the easiest and most difficult tasks you will encounter in your wedding planning. Here's why

Choosing Wedding Rings

Choosing wedding rings is both one of the easiest and most difficult tasks you will encounter in your wedding planning.

It’s easy because it bears very little relevance to your actual wedding day…..guests probably won’t see it up close, so as long as you have a ring, your guests won’t care what it looks like.

It’s difficult however because it is one of the few wedding planning decisions that you will live with for the rest of your life! That ring is going to be on your finger everyday which makes it a very personal decision. As a physical symbol of your love and marriage, it is unlikely that you will ever buy a piece of jewellery with such significance. No pressure!

We have established that this is a personal decision which makes it very difficult to provide any solid advice on how to choose your rings. So we will just give you 4 simple steps, not to tell you what kind of ring to choose……but to make sure you are happy with your choice. Let’s do it!

1. Matching or not matching?

Do you and your fiancé want to have matching rings? If you are going for plain bands, you may want to go for the same shape so that they match. This is down to your shared preference.

2. Colour

The main 2 options here are yellow metal or silver metal. Try both to see which one suits your skin tone best.

3. Metal

There are many different metal options. Some are heavier and stronger than others. Metals such as platinum(one of the pricier options) are heavy and very hard-wearing which makes it a desirable choice. Cheap alternatives such as Palladium are growing in popularity due their lower price tag but sacrifice weight and strength.

It’s worth noting that if you plan to wear another ring(like your engagement ring) beside your wedding ring every day, they should ideally be the same metal. If they aren’t the same metal, the softer metal will slowly be worn down by the harder ring.

4. Size

Consider the size of your ring. Firstly, make sure you can get it on your finger. Are your hands hot or cold while putting the ring on? If you’re hands are cold, your fingers are slightly slimmer which will make it easier to put on, but once they heat up, your finger will expand and make the ring a tighter fit.

Keep this in mind: On your wedding day, your hands will probably be slightly sweaty due to nerves(making your fingers wider) and thus harder to get the ring on.

The most important thing of all is that you love the ring you pick. You NEED to LOVE it. Don’t settle for “like” with this decision as you need to live with this choice long past your wedding day.

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