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Maria & Vitalij's

Maria and Vitalij were due to marry in Ukraine this summer.

Their wedding was cancelled due to the outbreak of war. Against all odds, Maria and Vitalij are getting married on 14th November 2022 with the help of our wedding community.

In these sad times, we hope their marriage ceremony can be a sign of hope.

Please send them a good luck message and donate to Maria & Vitalij's Charity Wedding List for Ukraine.

All donations will go directly into supporting the International Committee of the Red Cross’ humanitarian action in Ukraine.

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Maria and Vitalij appeal

Every message will be printed for them to read on their wedding day. Everyone who donates will receive a digital copy of their wedding photos and thank you message from the couple.

Maria’s story

Maria and Vitalij are getting married on 14 November 2022.

It will be a wedding against all odds, a wedding that almost never was.

After the trials of the pandemic, 2022 was the busiest year of weddings in history. Families and friends around the world were finally able to come together for celebrations of a lifetime. But as war broke out in Europe, not all weddings could go ahead.

The young Ukrainian couple were due to get married this summer in Ukraine, but their wedding - like the weddings of so many across Ukraine - was cancelled due to the outbreak of war. Maria, a primary school teacher from Lviv, had to flee Ukraine to the UK. Her childhood sweetheart Vitalij, who has lived in London for the last 6 years, drove to Poland to collect her.

On February 27, Vitalij and his parents were supposed to visit my parents to discuss our wedding plan. It was very exciting. At least it should have been.

On the morning of February 24, I woke up to a message from the school principal, "Today we’re on the distance studying. Keep yourselves safe". And then I read the news. Mass shelling of Ukrainian cities while they were still sleeping. Explosions near my parents' house. Panic.

...In the evening dad's coworker have called him. She had one more free seat in the car. Tomorrow at dawn she was leaving for Poland.

...I cried all evening…it was decided for me to go to Poland.

...At the border, we spent more than a day in the queue. About 28 hours I think. The queue didn’t seem to move much so I decided to walk. And 5 km to the checkpoint I walked by myself. Another 2 hours with tears in my eyes. Border guards cradled children, were giving tea, and fed those who needed it. There were clothes for adults and children, strollers, toys, and hygiene products. Everything for people who ran away, ran without simple things. Volunteers asked about our condition, offered help. I was amazed by such human kindness.

A chance encounter led Maria to meet Hamish, the founder of Having spotted her engagement ring, Hamish learnt about her story, and about her cancelled wedding. Little did Maria know that Hamish ran Europe’s largest wedding planning platform! The very next week, the adventure to get Maria and Vitalij happily married began. With only two weeks to plan the wedding, this was a tall order, but one by which the couple refused to be defeated.

In these sad times, we invite you to celebrate with this young Ukrainian couple. Please donate an item from their gift list for Ukraine. In return, you’ll receive a digital set of their wedding ceremony photos, and the chance to write a message in their virtual guestbook. These will be printed and shared with the couple on their wedding day. All donations will go directly into supporting the International Committee of the Red Cross’ humanitarian action in Ukraine.

Maria and Vitalij’s wedding gift list

£10 Could provide a hygiene kit for a Ukrainian family of five

To give them supplies to stay healthy for a month

£20 could provide five blankets to desperate Ukrainian families

To provide them with warmth and comfort as they shelter amidst freezing winter temperatures

£30 could provide 3600 life-saving chlorine tablets

To ensure that Ukrainian families have access to clean, safe water

£100 could provide sleeping mats for 66 homeless Ukrainians

To give those who have been forced from their homes a place to rest

£210 could provide a fully equipped first aid kit, including supplies

To enable a first aider to treat the critically wounded

Maria and Vitalij appealMaria and Vitalij appealMaria and Vitalij appeal

“Fear, freezing winter temperatures and an uncertain future is what families in Ukraine are facing. Please donate.” - International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

Meet the wedding’s supporters

Many thanks to the sponsors of the wedding, who are covering all of the costs themselves. To become a sponsor email us at [email protected]

Wedding Planning

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